Friday, 10 September 2010

Calamity Clark Returns

Full house! Well, everyone except Pikey. Me, Jase, Clarkster, Toss and Weester all met up at the early time of 6.30 tonight. Weather was promising too although the ground was a bit wet after some heavy rain this week. As Me, Toss and Weest were not bothering with beer after (I'm having a well deserved rest from it) we decided to push the boat out and have a decent ride. So off we headed up Horrocks Fold, Coal Pit and the mast. Everyone was going well up Coal pit at a good pace we were soon at the top. Met a couple of senior Jocksters coming down, the first of many meetings. Not ridden the shoulder for ages so we headed up to the end of the mast road, where toss radivised his bike in readiness for the rad. The Singletrack was remarkably dry for once, however the rocks in the gully were proper slippy. I decided to have a bash at the chute and soon found the bottom of it has eroded into an even deeper trench. Not sure as to grip and well aware of the fact that I was wearing Al's shorts, I deployed the tripod and minced down in massively unconvincing style. The Grassy traverse to the bridge also looked a bit slippy but was ok after the 1st stream. Everyone made it down ok with huge grins. It really is a cracking little descent.

Along Belmont Road to the Pigeon tower and we turned down the ICR. At the top however were 2 jockey's on big DH bikes, one of which was upside down. Turned out he needed a bit more air in the tyre but didnt have a pump. Toss kindly lent them his and they were soon on their way. We let them go down 1st and then followed, however we were rather surprised that they took the path on the left rather than blatting over the rocks. All down in one piece this week, but my arms were well and truly pumped.

Fast climb back up through the gardens and along to the hole in't wall. Proper dark now so we all had lights on. The climb was ok and over pretty quick. At the top, Clarkey and Toss wanted to bail and miss San Marino, but we soon encouraged them on.

Gets to the top of San Marino and there is a fookin heard of lights ascending. I think there were about 20 riders coming up. A club run but I never asked which club they were. One of the lads asked if any of us were on STW, but I didnt recognise his user name.

Weest, Clarky and Toss all set off while there were still lads coming up, but me and Jase waited, about 5 mins actually before the run was clear. Off we set with Jase at the front. He set of like a fookin rocket and one the 2nd drop my front wheel washed out and I was off the track, didnt fall off but was a proper sphincter twitching moment as we were fairly tanking it. By the time I had recovered back onto the path, he was fookin miles ahead. I set off after him to try and catch up, but he was flying. Over the spaniel and the stream, I hit the rocky section at full tilt and bang, a big fook off rock was chucked up buy the front wheel and hit me shin, just below the knee, absolutely knackered, and just as I'm slowing down, bang, another one closer to the ankle this time. Stopped me dead in my tracks. I took a look but it wasnt bleeding so I went down to regroup with the lads at the bottom. Checked again and this time a big egg had appeared on the shin. I am deffo going to have to get me some knee pads, as the first one was high enough up to have been caught by the pad.

Spin home along Belmont Road was nice and leisurly, Jase and Clarkey went to the tap but me, toss and weest were good boys and called it a night.

I love that route for a night ride. 3 of the best descents in the area in one ride.

Good to see Clarkey out as well, almost a year since his double fall on San Marino.


D0NK said...

DH bikes taking the mincing line + no pump, shakes head in disgust.
Few weeks off the beer? or months? :-)

Jason said...

It was shocking donk. I'm sure if they had taken the mons route down i would have caught them, on my pig :-)

samuri said...

San Marino in the dark rocks, proper thriller stuff.

samuri said...

ooh, and did you happen to notice that the Blue Lagoon is full again? What's that about?