Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Summer Solstice

Never Ever ride on Monday's but last night was the Solstice and a fookin lovely evening to boot. Last minute roll call only produced Toss as a willing partner. Late start at 7.30 but no matter, we had daylight till easy 10.30.

A nice relaxed and chilled pace took us up past Horrocks Fold where our wallets were topped up by two friendly locals who had the crack with us, one a particularly attractive nurse, who said she was going up the hill on her bike later. We almost offered to wait for her, but we are both far too gentlemanly.

Spinning up Coal Pit, Toss pointed out a particularly muscular cow right next to the road and only 2' away from us, seperated by a flimsy fence. He was an impressive beast, and we both marvelled at his almost shaved smooth bulging ball sack. A fine looking bull.

Up Coal Pit path and we bumped into a couple of Jocksters decending, had the crack comparing notes about how San Marino was riding, nice guys. Easy spin up the path to Clarkey's Corner which was bone dry, we decided to head over to the shoulder over the moor past he Trig Point it was that dry and dusty. Ditched the bikes at the top of the shoulder and just sat, chilling in the heather soaking up the views. The Dee estuary and Snowdonia were quite clear, but north to the Lakes was a bit hazy for some reason, only the dark outline of Black Coomb being visible. Inland, all Three Peaks were clear as crystal.

A blast down the shoulder got us to the road, hardly a drop of water, I cant recall the last time the moors were this dry. Along to the Pidgeon Tower and up the Pike. Plenty of people up there, one group of kids had the BBQ going, all just soaking up the dyeing evening and waiting for the sun to drop. We bounced down the front on the Pike and then pushed up the Kennels, watching 3 kids on DH bikes style up a big jump coming down from Two Lads. Steady spin up the road to San Marino. So dry and dusty going down here Toss had to hold right back as I was kicking up more dust than a Paris Dakar Car!. Midges at the bottom were out in full force so we got going sharpish.

Took the racetrack down to Gleaves Res and then the singletrack through the forest. Nice run this, but the ravine spoils the flow of it.

Home for 10pm and still light. A cracking chilled out, easy ride on a stunning evening. Brilliant!

Welcome Summer.

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