Thursday, 1 July 2010

A night of Suburban trail poaching

Wednesday this week as Pikey wanted a ride. Weesters lovely wife had a client cancel early so we could all make it a 7pm set off. Clarkster text at the last minute saying that he was struggling with a boiler fault and would'nt be able to join us. I strongly suspected that the boiler in question was the Brierfields.

After a morose start with much head scratching, Pikey announced that he didnt fancy the Hill, so suggested a run up to Entwistle. So up through the golf course, DH to Longworth Clough and then Delph Dam and the church. The rain on Monday night had firmed up the trails somewhat and actually lent a bit more grip, but still the trails were nice and fast.

Past Lucas's and up the WW to Green Arms. I suggested we took the Rollercoaster, but that would mean descending along Entwistle, and, as it was a nice night was a bit worried about militant ramblers. Still the lads agreed so we gave it a go. The Rollercoaster was ace as ever, but the forest was proper humid, sweat was dripping of the lot of us as we reached the double track back to Enti. We took the north shore back and the ramblers we came across were all cheerful, must be the weather putting everyone in a good mood.

Over the dam and along the cheeky path to Wayoh, lovely and fast and I managed to clear the trick 3 steps before the main flight at the viaduct. Last time I tried these I broke a finger, mind you it was coming home after 5 in the Duck!

We took the steep path from St Annes towards the Jumbles, I slowed at the borrom for the narrow rock stile and heard the most dreaded sound this sport has to offer... the sound of 15st of solid Pikey, full on the brakes and clearly unable to stop bearing down on me. I clenched and braced for impact, but the diamond had dropped it sideways into the salad rather than hit me. Thank fuck for that.

Along the full length of the Jumbles, cheek of the highest order here as this is hardcore rambler territory. Last time I rode along here, all the walkers we came across gave us looks like we had just bummed their sisters. This time no such problems. Was a nice spin to the car park. I elected to hit the stairs at the end of the car park and flew down the first flight, then realised a little too late that the next flight were MUCH steeper and rougher, really thought I was going to bin it, wasnt helped by the guided missile that was Pikey flying past my left shoulder on the smooth grass, the bastard!

From here we shot down the valley on even more paths, into the North Bolton Suburbia. Was nice tracks actually and one that I have never ridden before. Well overgrown, the nettles and brambles were all cheek high and were ripping us to shreds. Soon at the railway we took the singletrack along to Oaks Lane, more nettles, my forearms were covered in stings now, drop into the valley then my secret private singletrack home.

Brilliant nights riding. Made a nice change from the lonely moors.


samuri said...

That singletrack looks right smart.

D0NK said...

I'm a jumbles regular :-) early mornings, dark nights and winter mostly, I don't get much hassle. Will be checking the map later to find your secret singletrack :-)