Monday, 21 June 2010

A Fast Blast round Gisburn

Couldn't ride on Sunday this week due to it being Fathers Day and Jazzy had a gym comp, so grabbed a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

Wasn't really sure what to do really, I knew Jase was going over to Cragg, but he was only parking at the Buck then popping up for a lap or two. I like Cragg, but not enough to drive all that way and just do 2 laps, so I let him down. Sent a txt to everyone but no-one was out. So sod it. Checked the bike in the car at 2pm, kissed the misses and kids and went. I only decided where to go at the end of our street. Gisburn it was.

I hadn't been since last September when it was dry, me and Weest had a ride round it. I have purposely stayed away this winter as I knew the trails were not fairing well with the weather. Still, long dry spell that we are having should have sorted all that now.

Pulled up at the car park at about 3ish, kitted up and set off. On my own so set myself a pretty quick pace. Wonderful weather, not to hot and a nice cooling breeze. Pikey's corner now has a line of skidded earth where it looks like many people have done the same as him and fell off. Up to the 1st Volunteer bit and I discovered that my middle ring is probably knackered. Every time I put power down the chain was skipping. So I just had to use the big and granny. Was ok really as I coasted the 1st Volunteer section. Really is a great little bit of track this. So tight and twisty, I was soon spat out on the fire road. Quick right turn and over the new section, it wasn't fully finished last time we were here and it was a nice alternative to the fire road.

The long haul up to the quarry was hot and sweaty but the view from the top was nice. Passed a group of riders just before the quarry who were all cheerful. The next section up the Whelpston Crag is fucked for wont of a better word. OK in the dry, but basically the rain and usage has obliterated the singletrack and it is now just a jumble of big sharp rocks, making it pretty interesting, however I should imagine in the wet it would be a nightmare. The stuff around the base of the slab is also pretty messed up. Passed a couple of lads at the top of the slab um-ing and ar-ing about going over the edge.

Down to Hully Gully and I have to say that the lads have done a great job with it. Ok a lot of the aggregate is loose and not bedded in, due to the dry weather, but otherwise its wonderful. Hit the top of every berm and even went up the jump on the third one. Passed a guy stopped at the top of the G Out where they have had to pitch it, I think he had the wobbles with the pitched stone. His mates were waiting for him at the bottom. I decided to have another go at it so turned right and back up the fire road. Bit faster this time, however my back tyre blew out in the 1st G out and shit me up something proper. Its a fucking long long way down on your right hand side here. Managed to stop and get it fixed by hauling my bike up the slope on the left.

Last section was very fast, parts of the old red have got some massive breaking bumps in them now which made it interesting and the stuff through the forest has also been resurfaced.

Caught a lad up on the last section of singletrack. Was bearing down on him pretty quick and just before he hit the woodwork, bang, his pedal hit a stump and over the bars he went. A big scary impact actually and he was pretty shaken up. I gave him a lift with his bike and sat him down. He was wearing knee and shin armour and is shin had hit the corner of the woodwork, splitting his pad. Very lucky, reckon it would have been a broken leg but for that. Made sure he was ok and carried on. They lads have recently finished a bit of Black run which cuts out the fire road on the overlapping route. Was great. They have put in a skinny log about 3' up off the deck. I was pretty nervous going over it, being clipped in, but it was great. A nice little challenge and a good addition to the trail. Back to the car park and off home.

Nice fast blast to keep the cobwebs off.

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