Friday, 18 June 2010

Darwen Moor, sans bummers

Scorching day yesterday, around 25 degrees and a nice breeze. Good turn out with Jase, Clarkey, Weest and myself all reporting for duty.

Along Longworth Clough and Clarkey gets a puncture, apparently the tyre was a bit tight on the rim which made him a bit narked, to the extent he was considering calling a taxi to the pub. Weest soon had him right and we carried on. Up the long soul destroying climb of the A666, (why oh why oh why do people ride this for pleasure) and we were at Cadshaw. Top of the Bastard and we decided to have another bash at the Singletrack over to moor, which was lovely.

Climb up along the edge to the steep drop. Weester, having developed a vagina and tits, loudly proclaimed that he didnt fancy the climb back up to the tower so wouldnt bother with the drop, needless to say he was lambasted and shamed into following us. Well worth it as the little techy drop is ace fun.

Back up to the tower in short order and admired the views. Quite clear considering the heat. Spun accorss the moor to Lyons Den and blasted down to the road. WW back to Blow Job Alley, where I insisted that someone, anyone, other than me went first down the last decent. Our fears were groundless though as there were no bummers in sight. Here the lads went straight on as the were off to the Tap for a couple, I went through the forest, over to Cox Green and through the quarry. The cheeky little track through Higher Ridings was starting to get well overgrown and I got a shin full of Mon's Nettles. I noticed that in the wooded sections it was pretty fookin dark. No wonder, as when I finally got home after pulling up the Valley, it was nearly 10pm!! 10pm and still enough light to ride. Brilliant.

Solstice next Tuesday though. Bright side = start of summer, shit side = light nights getting shorter.


Julbags said...

Ever since you posted about the layby off the A666 I've not dared ride there on my own since. I had absolutely no idea about the types of activities that went on there, however I had wondered why it always seemed to have lots of trucks/cars parked. Thought it was just somewhere people like to park up and eat McDonalds. Naive? Me? Kind of all makes sense now, lol.

D0NK said...

I think you'll be safe julbags ;-)

lowey said...

Yep, your a lady therefore of no interest to the menfolk up there.

Julbags said...

Good Point!