Monday, 1 March 2010

Just not my fackin day!

So 28th rolls round and its the STW anniversary ride at Pately Bridge. Was really looking forward to this route, having heard so much about the area but only ever having walked here, never ridden.

They day did not start well, having got about 30mins from my house to realise that I had forgot my sandwiches. No mither, I'll just ponce some of Nick, he usually has a load of food handy. I was also running late, however the run over there was a peice of piss and I arrived at the car park for about 9.10.

Tony was already there and gradually a few riders turned up. A lot of new faces which was good to see.

I fished the bike out of the boot and tried to fix the rear mudguard on. The thing snapped in my hands. Not a good start as there are few things about biking that I hate more than a wet arse. Then I noticed that the front one has a split in it too. Great.

Wheel in and tightened up, quick spin round the car park and straight through the biggest dog egg. So spent the next few mins trying to get that out.

We finally get going for about 10ish, and spinning along the road, there are some very disconcerting noises coming from the bottom bracket.. Loud cracks. I wasnt the only one having problems either. Teagirl's fron brake sping decided to chuck itself into the caliper, so Jamie fixed that for her.

I got as far as Ramsgill, before I had to finally admit defeat. The cranks were not turning and the BB was just destroying itself. So I turned back and headed along the road past Gouthwaite res and back to Pately.

The BB bearing had ejected all its content, and in doing so gouged out the crank arm and bust the BB shell casing.

1st Terminal mechanical in years and gutted. The guys had a good ride but I was home for 2pm.


D0NK said...

Bugger. Doesn't sound good, not screwed up BB shell on frame has it?
Wouldn't mind doing nidderdale again sometime.

Jason said...

Must be too much torque...

lowey said...

No mate... external BB so its just mashed that so cant even just pop new bearings in. Ordered a deore one. Made a right old mess though.

D0NK said...

A bit late I know but I get BBs from here road ones seem to last just as long as mtb. Ultegra £17, Tiagra £10!