Monday, 22 February 2010

We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing

Sunday and more snow!! I love it.

Had a nice lie in till 12pm then got a few txt's from Toss and Weest confirming that they are riding. So at 12.30 we head over to Weesters. Its still snowing at this point and bloody cold. Weest joins us and we head up to Horrocks Fold and up to Scout Road. Coal pit was nowhere near as slippery as I thought it would be, the new snow was giving up loads of grip. At the gate, I was surprised when both lads chucked thier bikes over to take the path up. Obviously up for a bit of adventure.

The drifts accross the path were getting a bit deeper and as we got higher, the mist gradually merged with the horizon creating a white out.

It was lovely white thick snow, perfect for snowballs, so at the fence just before the road, we parked up for a snowball fight. Was a comical scene, 3 fat, northern, middleaged bald bastards playing snow balls on the moors in a white out. Great fun.

Onto the mast road I suggested we tried the shoulder for a laugh. After last week, I thought it would be a good challenge in the snow.

The problem was we were the first people, walkers or cyclists down it. Hitting the path was a lottery and all of us went over the bars at least twice as our front wheels disapeared in drifts 3'+ deep of fresh snow. It was pure fucking hillarity.

We tried the chute, but again, i went over the bars on it, and weester had an uncontrolled plummet....

The descent to Belmont Road was just a lottery of staying on the bike, non of us really that arsed as we knew a fall would not really be painful, such a soft landing to be had all around.
On the Road, we headed over to the Pidgeon Tower. More powder was falling now and coming right into our faces, I had to stop to put my balacalava on as my forehead was starting to sting. The MRT were out at the top of the ICR and gave Toss a dirty look for wearing 3/4's. Quite right too, the nobber had to turn back 3 weeks ago cause his legs were cold. No sense in that lads head.

Up to the Pike we decided to drop stright off the edge for a change. Weester going first and Toss then me. Both me and Toss shit ourselves on this little bit of rock, but this time we managed it, Toss doing especially well after his fall last year.

I didnt do too bad until I got to the ruts at the  bottom and had a bit of a spill....

Blast down to Hole in't wall, Weester set a blistering pace up to the road, and then Toss sprinted up the mast road!! Pair of bastards had been holding out on me.

So the finale.... San Marino. Weester blasted down, Toss went faster down it in the snow that I had ever seen him in the dry and I had a massive stack just before the spaniel, legs windmilling through the air. We were all so pumped up on adrenalin that all we did was giggle like big kids all the way down. It was just brilliant.

As Jase wasn't with us today, I obviously felt obliged to fall off as much as possible in order at least make it feel he was amongst us.

Toss was about to lift his bike over the gate at the bottom, when I sent an opportunist snowball in a high looping tragectory at him. Bingo, it fell from about 20' straight down plumb on his helmet just as he was lifting his bike up. Shit him up something ace!!

Spin back to Templecoombe and Weester once again displayed his pink credentials by not bothering with the ginnel.

Superb day out acting like big kids. Most fun on two wheels for ages!


Toss said...

BRILLIANT! "Most fun on two wheels for ages!" I wholeheartedly agree Nibbs - it was simply a fucking brilliant ride in excellent company - big fuckin kids!! T

Weester said...

Simply ace fun!
Took James to Eureka in the half term and a quote above the counter sums it all up;

'We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing'.

If Sunday's anything to go by, we're growing younger!

lowey said...

What a fookin great quote mate.

I'm having that as the Title!!!

Iain said...

Liking the blog Dave. I need to get out on my push rod more, last proper ride was ages ago!!

Jason said...

glad i was there with you.

lowey said...

Yeah, sort your shit out Jonesy and get out with us.

D0NK said...

Looks like a right laugh. Can't believe your mocking toss for 3/4s when you still haven't bought yourself a pair of gloves - mentalist.
Lowey this weekend

Red Bike said...

Loving the vids.
Just what I needed while am sat at work wishfully looking at the snow outside.