Sunday, 7 March 2010

Attention Sunday Visitors to Rivington - Go Fuck Yourselves.

So a lovely day dawns as forecasted, wall to wall blue skies. I broke my own rule of avoiding Rivington on nice days.

Winter Hill and Rivi were packed to bursting with people. People who turned out to be THE most ignorant set of self important twats I have ever had the misfortune to try and cycle around. Well, it may come as a bit of surprise to you but the world does not revolve around you and your own little mission to walk up a hill, sweating and nearly having a heart attack, because you cant be remotely arsed to drag your fat, wobbling puss filled excuse of a bloated body out from the living room at any other time in your sad miserable fucking existence.

Even the Bikers I met today were miserable. Thats it, Rivi at nights only from now on.

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Toss said...

LOL! Funny description of scum there, David....! Did you not inform them that in fact they were trespassing on YOUR hills? C-hants. What isthat brings Scum-sucking-boils to the raw beauty delights of the west penine moors??? It puzzels me everyime.. I often tell Gail about them and she too (who is a bit of an analyst when it comes to observing Scum BTW) is franky bemused by it all.. Ahhh well, at least you had a better day than me! T