Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dear God No!!

Dont know what the fuck I have done but my knee is killing me.

I have always been scared to death of knee injuries as they keep you off the bike for fookin ages. Cant face weeks without biking, it will tip me over the edge.

Wheres my mate ?


Jason said...

Karma, or old age, or both!!

D0NK said...

I too have shagged-knee-o-phobia and get wierd twinges or pain every now and then which scares me but knees are fine again after a few hours/days. I take glucosamine as often as I remember, ibuprofen after tough rides and just try not to abuse my knees too much.

Toss said...

Forget it Donk - there will be absolutely NO cure at all for His Lordships knee pain which will in fact, be the worse knee pain ever experienced by anyone ever, ever. So much so, its keeping him away from the pub on Thursday neet - the big soft wanker. what a piss poor excuse that is. Feck me, I carried on drinking & camping straight after a shattered collar bone last June. Dave, you are without doubt a big nancy bum-boy of the highest order with added end of the bell thrown in for good measure. Get a grip & some Brufen & come out with your mates - you TOSSER. T