Thursday, 18 February 2010

Its like coming home after a long trip away

Just me and Toss as we were out on a Wednesday. No-one else could make it unfortunatly.

I was gearing up in the garage when a disgruntled looking Toss arrived at the gate and suggested that we have a ride and then visit the pub. He was a pains to persuade me, so with MUCH reluctance I agreed.

We set off up towards Horrocks Fold and it was bloody freezing, with wisps of snow flakes coming down. Other than that a lovely night. As we started to ascend Coal Pit, the road soon became covered with comapacted snow and ice, and nearly had me off on a couple of occasions. Shit meself as the front wheel, out of the blue just slipped and tucked under. Had a great crack with Toss climbing coal pit. Really starting to feel the benefit now of packing in the weed. Can get much deeper breaths.

Toss was struggling a little bit and suggested we carried on the road past the gate and then the access road onto the mast. No probs from me.

Going up the access road and the snow was now starting to come down proper. Older snow had frozen and the going was really treasonous and the wind was whipping into our faces. I love it when its like this, proper "out there" feeling.

Anyway, gets to the top of San Marino and there is shit loads of snow around.
We had to go down so I set off with Toss behind me. Ginger wasnt the word. Fook me it was slippy. The front wheel tucked under me three times before we had even hit the Spaniel.  Was great fun in a lunatic kind of way, we were yelping like kids all the way down.

At the bottom, we turned left and prompty arrived at the welcome busom of the Bull. Al was not there, but the Flat Cap was on. It was up to its usual pinnacle of excellence too. First pint flew down and nearly had us in floods of tears. There really is no finer drink known to man.

The picture says it all, apart from the long haired hippy!.
Al turned up a little later, he had been out entertaining his Russian Ladyfriend. I knew there was something afoot with him as he had even lit the fire. The first time I have ever seen it on. The tightwad!

Had a great evening chatting to the locals, me and Toss getting all excited about our trip next year. The Ale was just sublime and the evening was topped off by some lads getting their guitars out and having a quick request session.

Fook me it was nice to be back in there for a few beers after a ride. The ride home was fine, but the hill down to San Marino was fookin COLD!. I took the ginnel at Templecoombe, much to Tossers chagrin, but we had a great laff.

Cracking night out!


Weester said...

Were you pissed when you wrote this David?
Completely lost me there.

Toss said...

Nice one Dave - it was great to just be out and to round it off in the Bull was an extra added bonus of the highest order. I remember your comments on tasting the BTB (whilst I was texting). Went like.... "Ohhhhhhhhmmmmm....." Ohhhhhhhhhmmmm - T" "Ohhhhhhhhhhm - T - just taste that! I'm in floods of tears...." I looked up and you were indeed crying!! CLASSIC! A jolly good neet oot.