Sunday, 14 February 2010

Just a great ride!!

A decent turn out for this Sunday With Toss, Weester, Wors and myself. Pikey threatened to turn out, but decided that we would be too quick for him so he went out himself over Darwen.

We set off up past Horrocks Fold and it was a lovely day, some good views and the ground was still pretty hard from the frosts. Coal Pit Road and then straight up the path to the Mast. I said we were going down the Shoulder as we hadnt been that way in months. I shot off and stopped at the top of the Gully to see if I could get some video of the lads attempting it. It was full of snow though and Weester made a fair stab at it, but lost his front wheel almost straight away.

So we elected to have a bash at the steep grass. Weester flew down it, but Jase set off with his fookin bald back tyre just locked up. The result was about 10 yards and he was down, yet again. Piss funny.

Toss had lost his momentum, and Jase's fall had just held him up even more. The result of this was lots of time at the top of the steep bit to contemplate it. I could palpably feel his terror as he psyched himself up for the roll off. In the end he pissed it. No problem.

At Belmont Road, we headed towards the Pigeon Tower for the Ice Cream Run. Toss was a bit apprehensive, still getting his confidence back, but once again, he pissed all over it. Me and Jase nearly collected a militant walker on the way down who didnt realise that we had practically no way of avoiding him. The thick twat.

The great unwashed filth of industrial Lancashire were out in force around the Barns. One of them uttered the accepted greeting of the council estate species at us. We didnt bother correcting him that "Cunts" is probably not the best way to greet normal people.

Stopped at the lower barn for a brew. After Toss's last venture in here on a Sunday nearly ended up with him pulling a flame thrower out, me and Jase decided it would be best if we went in for the brews. Jase kindly subbed me for the brew, which was excellent. Weester informed us that he had "packed a bit of fudge". Further investigation revealed that he had indeed brought some, it went down great.
Along the side of the reservoir and up to the School. Straight up the Dentist (fuck me its a long old climb) and at Georges Lane, we headed over towards the Kennels. 4 Paki's were trying to light a BBQ at the bottom of the Pike descent, not your usual February Sunday sight.

We pushed up the Kennels rather than go over to the Hole in't Wall, and then up the mast road. San Marino was just fucking ace!! Not suffered as much as I thought it would have from the recent weather, it was really fast with shit loads of jumps on it.

Spin home along Belmont Road, we decided to have a blast down the ginnel. It was well overgrown and we got ripped to shreds. Good fun though.

All in all, just a fucking great ride, one of my favourite local loops with 3 of the best downhills in it. Great company too... but dont tell them that.


Toss said...

It was a really, really good ride, Dave with great Crack. I even managed a few jumps on San Marino (even if I did turn up 1/2 an hours after you three... I'm buzzing now and gonna celebrate with a nice Merlot. One thing you forgot was that I could see your testes protruding when you threw your arse over the seat, on the Shoulder :-) T

lowey said...

Bertie big bollocks

Jason said...

what do you mean, fell off yet again?? cunt

lowey said...

yet again. as in fell off yet again.

as in falling off every ride.

You need to develop some finesse mate. Just watch me for a bit :p

Jason said...

if you say so Dave, If you say so.

Red Bike said...

Ice cream and shorts? It must be a heck of a lot warmer there than here!