Friday, 4 December 2009

The Pub doth Call

What a total balls up.

Gets me beer in,  put the new brake pads in, check the sky for rain (nice and clear) and wheeled me bike out to meet the lads.

I find a disgruntled looking Toss outside his back gate. On hearing my cheery "hello mate" do you suppose I got a friendly reply ?? no. He merely mutters "You complete Bell End". Apparently, my phone would have been red hot with frantic calls and texts from various supposed "riders" coming up with all manner of excuses. Thats if I hadn't had left my phone at work.

It transpired that Wors had got a bit damp on his way home from work so didn't want to ride, Weester's lovely wife was working a little later so he couldnt make the start time, and Clarkey was only interested in the beer anyway. Strangely Tosser was rather insistent that we simply abandon the ride and cycle to the pub instead, I was a little surprised at this as last week he vehemently insisted that we abstained due to the cost of the ale. I really wanted a ride out so a compromise was reached. Me and Toss would ride to the pub via Golf Course and the Witton Weavers, Weest, Wors and Clarkey would ride to the pub and meet us there. After 20 mins of a brutal headwind, I suggested that we did the same.

Got to the Hallowed Hostilery at 7.45, Al poured us 2 pints of the Champagne of the North and we settled in. Next we get a text from Wors and Clarkey. Apparently they fancied bumming each other rather than riding the bike, so they had gone to the Brewhouse and fucked us off. Weester turned up looking resplendent and we proceeded to have a fookin cracking night.

Once again however, the regulars of the Bull made several comments regarding our sartorial elegance in the biking kit. Next time I will have to point out that you don't get a full on Camels Foot Man-gina just by wearing jeans.

The mystery of Toss's sudden epithany about going to the pub became clear at leaving time. The fucker was off on Friday!

Ride home was a hoot, as it always is after 5 pints of Bank Top!!

Best of all...... 1 day till the Xmas Ride!!!!

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