Thursday, 3 December 2009

A New Condition - OBAD, People need to be told

With the enduring shitty weather that November brought us I am in now the full throws of SAD. I hate the dark days and shitty rain, going to work in the Dark, coming home in the dark, kids cant play out. ON Saturdays, I sometimes wonder what the fucking point of opening the curtains is, I'll only be shutting the fuckers in about 4 hours.

This week however has been particularly bad and I have cracked the problem. I am suffering from Off the Bike Affective Disorder (henceforth known as OBAD). 7 Days since I rode my bike and without the release of hooning around like a loon has made me the most miserable bastard anyone would hope to meet.

Tonight better be a good ride!

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trio said...

Cycling certainly keeps me sane. Have a good ride!