Friday, 15 February 2013

The End of Abstinence.

Firstly, done a shit load of riding and not blogged any of it. Getting very lazy at the moment. However January was great. Rode more off road miles than any other month in the last 12 months, lost 12 pounds, one chin and dropped a jean size. Being suddenly single does seem to have its advantages.

One of the main reasons for the positive health was stopping drinking for 4 whole weeks. Didnt think I would be able to do it but I did and guess what I didnt really miss it either. Toss and Jase were also joining me in a month of abstinence, however the weak bastards failed at the 3 week mark.

As a reward for this endeavour, we set a date of 2nd Feb for a good ride to the Irwell Works Brewery. Me JD and Toss set off, Jase had dad duties to attend too and was cycling over to the brewery later on to meet us.

We headed up towards Darwen tower on a freezing cold day. Just how cold it was we did not register whislt cycling, but the gradual freezing up of things let us know. First the studs on my new Flat pedals started to ramp up with ice, making gripping the pedals pretty hair raising, then the rear mech froze up.

By the time we were up on the moor, Toss's freewheel froze. End of ride for him. He called Gail and arranged to be picked up at the bottom of Darwen and he would meet us at the Brewery. So that was just me and JD. JD I suspect would be the first to admit that he was not at his best on this ride. OK it was a decent distance, but it also had some horrific climbs, most notably Crowthorne. Poor lad was struggling, it wasnt helped by the fact the my recent healthy regeime and running resulted in me being able to maintain an almost constant conversation all the way up. He finally collapsed at the school and needed feeding.

Night had closed in at this point but we soon got to the top of the climb. Fuck me it was proper freezing up here and we didnt hang around getting round the Horseshoe, lovely bit of trail too. We then took the steps and secret stuff that Graham and Tony showed us and we arrived at the Brewery.

Graham and Mart were already in so we settled down for an excellent crack and catch up with the lads just as Toss and Jase turned up. Binners joined us too for what was an excellent night back on the beloved Ale. I really really love this place. Nice surroundings, nice people and fine ale all by candlelight. JD really was fucked the poor lad, not his usual self at all and practically falling asleep. Toss was arseholled, me and Jay not too bad, but the ride home was fuckign great fun. Reckon I racked up well over 30 miles too for that ride taking into account the ride home.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good ride - great write up as always!