Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Days that make you feel alive! A Lakes Epic.

Free weekend and unfortunately the lads couldn't join me for a ride, so I posted up on STW if anyone fancied a Peaks trip. I never got the offer of a lead so at the last minute I changed my mind. Couldn't really be arsed with navigating around Ladybower as its been so long since I've ridden there, so I decided to opt for the Lakes. What a fucking decision!!

We met at Under Loughrigg, myself, Nick, Jac, Graham and Jamie. Good group. kitted up and we were off with the first brutal climb up past the old golf course... soon had us pumping. At the summit of the climb Nick asked if we were doing the cheeky stuff that Gav showed us down to Clappersgate, but I said we were just heading straight down to Loughrig Tarn. Its a nice run, but I fucking hate the walkers we come across here. I class ramblers into two groups. The first group are fucking pig ignorant, self important, stuck up disdainful twats who look at mountain bikers as though we had collectively shit through their letterboxes. These indignant twats HATE sharing the "legal" trails let along cheeky stuff and would happily see us eradicated. This group can be found aplenty on Loughrigg. The second group are to be found in the more remote and higher reaches of the lakes, proper walkers and outdoor enthusiasts who you can nearly always have the crack with. The first group always walk Loughrigg because they are too fat or stupid to venture beyond it. I fucking hate them.

Anyway, Jamie was flying down the descent to the tarn and took a tumble on some slick rock nearly wiping G out in the process. Sadly I missed this opportunity for a good laugh.

Next up the spin through the fields to Elterwater and then the brutal climb over to Little Langdale. Jamie was on fire and sailed up without problem, I was pleased as punch as I managed to clear the whole climb for the first time. I was however going so slowly that G who was pushing was going faster than me. At the top we got a good glimps of the snow covered Weatherlam. Cracking view.
Quick regroup at the top and we headed over the ford to Hodge Close. The views all day were utterly stunning and the hard pack rock gave us no issues with either mud or water. Brilliant.

Passed some ignorant 4x4 drivers who insisted on taking up the whole track at Hodge Close, but we were soon past and climbing up over the road and then past Iron Keld. Again, I managed to clean the switchback climb up past Tarn Hows which has been a nemesis for me, everyone else managed it too. Fast descent to High Cross for a quick sandwich and then into Grizedale. The views over the Coniston range and Walna Scar were breathtaking. Jac was beginning to suffer a bit here as she had not ridden properly in quite a while, but typical Jacqui she just carried on, remorselessly grinding out the miles.

Parkamoor had quite a bit of snow on it and it was good to see so many bikers out in the forest. The classic view from The Park was as good as ever.

Here all the climbing started to pay back. The fast blast down to the hippie commune nearly had me though when my Front tyre pinched and instantly deflated. Shit myself but fortunately managed to keep it on the track. Harsh climb up and the track over Bethacar Moor to the start of Moor Lane. This was fucking ACE as ever and unbelievable we all made it to the bottom without and punctures. Big smiles all round.

Climb up Breasty Haw was hard work I have to say, legs already ahd about 20 miles in them by this time, but we took our time and were soon up. Cracking descent to the road, the path has been washed out loads since my last visit with Toss and JD. Devils Gallop also was well and truly washed out. Nick, right up my chuff on the descent double flatted just before the jump, he must have hit something so hard cause I actually heard both his tyres let go.

Road spin over to Far Sawrey and the last climb of the day, the long pull up Claife.

We were all beginning to feel it here, it was a long old day by any stretch, and poor Jac was on her chinstrap, but as ever she never stopped. Even Nick admitted to being shagged out, but G and Jamie looked pretty fresh, the pair of bastards. Colthouse descent was ace and we were soon regrouping at the gate for the road spin back to the car. Brilliant views over the lake to finish off with.

A fantastic day on the bike, a real red letter ride. just shy of 31 miles and 6085 feet of climbing. Was proper pleased with that. Hope to get many more rides like this in this year!

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