Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Local Exploring

So Saturday was planned. Harry from STW arranged a ride starting at Philips Park and taking in the new trails there and some local stuff. I'd always fancied a ride around there and here was the perfect opportunity  I planned on cycling down to meet them and then cycle home.

However I made a right fuck up of it. Totally underestimated the time needed to get there, plus a puncture in Farnworth (!!) meant I wasnt there till 10.50. PLus I got lost looking for the car park.

So I did a couple of loops of the new red stuff that they have built. Good fun too. Comedy moment right at the lip of a big g out. came sailing up the hill and it transitions to flat straight away... over I sailed, forgot I wasnt on SPD's and took off from the fucking bike!!! Luckily I landed on the pedals and saddle but was a real close run thing.

Bit more exploring on the blue trails then headed back along the Irwell Sculpture trail and the Locks at Nob End where they are building the Meccanno bridge.
Then took the trails through Moses Gate, 7 Acres and finally Hallithwood and back home. 26 miles in all and a good run out.

I prefer the hills though.

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D0NK said...

Bit sedate innit? Good for getting some miles in tho and the collection of trails at phillips is building up nicely.

How come you've swapped to flats?