Thursday, 17 January 2013

Time to sort my shit out.... I'm Back!

I have been most remiss in completing my blog, and for those of you remotly arsed, please accept my humble apologies.

Problem is once you get behind it gets harder and harder to keep up with. Prior to chirstmas I wasnt riding much anyway and I had ongoing commitments with a lady.

A lot has now changed. I've turned into a massive fat bastard over christmas and resolved to do something about it so found myself riding a lot more. After recently being dropped off in Dumpsville by the lady I now find that I;ve got even more time to ride so off we go. In order to catch up I'm going to skim over the rides so far.

Last year.

Dom came up and we went for a nice ride to the pub via the Shoulder. Now, prior to him even seeing the shoulder in the flesh, Dom had poked fun at us for suggesting that its a bit tricky in that it is quite steep. So given the opertunity to take him down it we all jumped at the chance. Needless to say he walked the fucker. Good if short ride but excellent crack in the pub afterward.

Couple of good night rides, one of which ended up back at the Strawberry Duck for a few ales before we headed back to the Tap. Highlights of this night were the frost. The mud on the bikes froze hard. The other was Toss and JD riding the wooden steps without a hint of fear. I shit it and didnt bother.

Beers in the tap were excellent and was the ride.

Few other small rides which I cant remember then we had the impromptu Christmas ride to the Bull on Sunday 23rd. Was a good ride actually. Good turn out too. Me, Toss, TR and Wors. We headed over the hill and down hole in't wall then over to the pike. TR was looking a little "peaky" and elected to take piss poor to the top of Sheep Houses whereas Me Toss and Wors went down the ICR. Brilliant fun and Toss exclaimed at the bottom that this was the first time he rode the ICR and actually enjoyed it!! Road then back up Sheep Houses to meet Andy at the top who by this time was not looking at all well. Road to the Bull and by the time we got there he was delirious.

 Anyway, turns out he had some sort of bug. He was ok after shitting his brains out in the toilets. The ale flowed as did the banter. Cracking night out.

 Chirstmas came and went as did New Year. I was in Wales on New Year and took the bike with me. New Years day was spent riding loop one of Penmachno. A superb way to start the year and also clear the head of a massive hangover. Nice day too and bumped into some lads from Wheelbase who I had not seen in years.

Riding Penmachno, it became apparent to me that my massivly inflated waistline was now impacting upon my riding ability. Not good. So i'm set on a pathway to much more riding. This was further enforced by a ride the following Saturday. And a cracker it was too. Toss, Wors and myself went over the Hill on a gloriously sunny day and we were in shirt sleeves!!!! Big sky's too. Up Coal Pit down the shoulder, ICR Gardens up the Kennels and then down San Marino. a wonderful days riding and boy did it hurt me. The excesses proper came home to roost.

The very next day I decided on getting out again. Solo this time so headed up to Darwen moor. Fuck me it was like the Somme up there. Piss poor, up Higher Pastures then accross the moor to the tower. This was a battle against the mud really and was proper hard work. Just what I needed actually. At the tower the wind picked up so I headed for home via the Lyons Den and the Road. Lyons Den however is in shit state. The whole hillside is starting to slip and slide away taking the track with it. Its now a fucking massive mudfest. Shame as it was a cracking downhill.

Toss and myself ended our beer assault on the 6th Jan, Jase had already started his dry spell, so without the need for a pub trip the Thursday night ride was extended. Jd joined us and what a night it turned out to be. Ascending through thick fog we passed through it to reveal a perfect temperature inversion. The starlit sky was breathtaking. So Many stars too see because the usualy light pollution from the towns had been blanketed out by the fog. Stunning.
Good ride too. Shoulder, ICR, gardens, kennels and San Marino. I lost feeling in my lips at the bottom and San Marino due to the wind chill. Fucking brilliant night out. Red Letter Ride.

Finally I went out on Saturday. Feeling a bit fitter so I pushed the ride out a bit. Up to the woods, hole in't wall, up the pike. The wind was howling and freezing on the pike so I didnt linger too long and battered it down then straight down the ICR. Its surprising how quick you can make it down when someone holds the gate at the bottom of the pike for you! Then went over to Anglezark, had a row with a fucking prick of a dag walker after his stupid shit machine bit me and then hit Healy nab. Nice run around the red but the climb back up has been obliterated. Still fun though. Paused for a quick pic of Yarrow then the remorseless climb up Lead Mines into the teeth of the freezing tempest. I even had to stop and put me gloves on it was that cold... In the daytime!! unheard of. Finally dragged my carcass through my front door nearly 25 miles later, but I must admit it felt like 40.

So thats it. Up to date.

Life is currently shit after being dumped, however I intend to fucking sort that out sharpish with a couple of rides this coming weekend. Saturday with the bummers and Sunday with the STW lot. Snow is forecast so smiles will be obligatory!

Bring it on.


Toss said...

nice one old son. Great little summary and now back up to date :-). T

Toss said...

nice one old son. Great little summary and now back up to date :-). T

Jason said...

Thick Cunt Toss. Nice one Dave

Mike said...

Good shit mate. Cannae beat bikes and beer.