Friday, 30 March 2012

Willpower failure.

Thursday ride and the week had been glorious. Wall to wall sunshine and the anticipation of DUSTY trails was just too much to bear.

Toss had stated categorically that we were not having beers, to which I readily agreed. I'm in need of a proper drying out to be honest after so much booze, so we decided to push the ride out and pop over to Healy Nab.

All day long however Wors was chipping away at us on email... "we going to the pub", "why we not having a drink", "come on lets have a beer" etc etc... I ignored all the temptation, but on the way home Toss called and said are we going, I said no. Stood firm. So imagine my surprise when I pull up at home a bit later and get a txt from Toss saying that he is now going for beer and that I need to join them. Bastards.

Was running a bit late and didnt manage to get ready till gone 7, the lads entertained themselves by vandalizing my car. Up to Horrocks and the light was beginning to fade and, ominously, the Hill was shrouded in cloud. I thought it may have been smoke from some moors fires, but it turned out not to be the case.
Along Scout Road and the headwind picked up. Jesus, this wasnt going to plan, where was the sunshine. Ascending Coal Pit and we let a van come past only to find its got Fuckign Reedy in it. The Lazy bastard had picked up one of his mates and then drove up coalpit to start riding. We hung on for them at the gate and went up the path together.

Here the headwind was fucking outrageous... proper hard work, even drafting the faster two lads. By the shooting hut we could see fuck all as well, the fog was completly enveloping us. So rather predictably, by the time we reached the mast road, we decided that important beer drinking duties meant we just headed over to San Marino.

Up to here the trails had been dry so I was proper looking forward to the first of this years dry runs down our fav track. Jase set off and I followed and with the head wind now converted into a tail wind we were up to fucking stupid speed in no time. Jase was on fire tonight, no point in dressing it up. Try as I might to belittle him, I couldnt. I was tagging him till about the spaniel after which he just put the hammer down and I couldnt live with his speed at all and I was flying!! He got to the bottom a good 15-20 seconds before me. I was ruined... arms pumped to fuck from the rocks and my thighs were burning like hell as, for the first time, I had dropped the saddle for this run down. But the adrenalin of what we both knew was a fucking fast run dampened the pain and we allowed ourselves a little high five. Toss wasnt too far behind either, so all in all an epic run down.

Forest and then road and then Tap. We were rather circumspect though... sticking to the 4 pint self imposed limit and I was doing ok till the big bastard went and got us a pint of Blonde for the last beer. Predictably, it fucked me up good style and I was blowing out of my arse on the way home.

Cracking night out once again lads.

Riders were just Me, Toss and Jase.


D0NK said...

Jase still riding his blue pig? Sounds like he's be ridiculously quick if he does go FS.

High fivess? tut tut. We (english) are so freaking repressed, I get to the bottom of a hill like SM and I'm euphoric and want to celebrate, not quite footballer style hugs and kisses, but something atleast. But no, I won't even hold up my hand for a hi5 afraid I'd be left hanging.

Mind you if we weren't so repressed getting to the bottom of rangers path would have been embarrasing, I was so pumped up on speed and adrenaline I'd probably have been humping someone's leg

Jason said...

Aye still on the pig Donk, thought about changing to a fs, but i like riding the pig too much, so i'm getting a new road bike instead :-)