Friday, 23 March 2012

Birthday Beers

TR announced a while ago that his Birthday coincided with the Beer Festival that was being held at the Hare and Hounds. A plan was hatched and we all agreed to get our for a ride, arrive at the H&H, get leathered on Fine ale then ride home.... I even booked the Friday off!

Toss, Wors, CW and JD all arranged to ride straight from work, them being over there anyway, which left me, TR and Weester to ride over from ours. Weester however had a problem with the early start and rode over on the road bike. Just Me and Andy setting off from our side.

I was running late so called Andy to tell him to pootle on and I didnt manage to catch him up will Edgeworth. The long climb up Crowthorne felt great actually, Legs are finally getting back to strength and I found the climb piss easy, Andy did a sterling job too.... bottom to top without one stop!

Horseshoe was a great as ever, and by the time we got to the end we decided it was too late to meet the others up on Peel Tower, so we headed to the pub and met up.

Fucking great night in here.... brilliant ale, brilliant crack, Andy getting a birthday candle in his pint.
There was an entertainer on too, some old guy on a hammond organ, who was actually PISS funny.

10 pints down and there was only Me Toss and Weester left... the other guys sensibly reteiring. It took us nearly 2 hours to get home I think. Arseholled and trying to sort Tossers chain out in the Jumbles while leathered was pure comedy.

We made it home intact, although T did have a spill on the steep grass in the valley, still he was happy drunk so flexible and it didnt hurt.

Cracking night out.


Jason said...

Cracking evening, good laugh from start to finish!

andyrmanc said...

Oye I was still there at the end.
Great night with great mates along with great beer.

Anonymous said...

Loons! Good effort.
Mr Sparkle

Anonymous said...

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