Friday, 9 March 2012

Red Moons and thick bikers.

Thursdays eagerly awaited night ride arrived. TR couldn't make is as he was ill. just Toss, Me and Wors. Pikey and Weester said they would come to the pub later though. Excellent!

Set of to the garage to get some beer tokens and bumped into Reedy coming home on his road bike, quick chinwag with him and we were off up to Belmont Road in a bit of rain. There was also, ominously a great big fuck off black cloud engulfing the Hill which was a touch off putting. However, the lads shouted out "look at the moon". It was fucking stunning! Big red moon rising just above the horizon of Affetside... dunno if the solar flares had anything to do with its colour but it was a wonderful sight.

Up Horrocks fold and Jase wasnt relenting with the pace. It was even worse going up Coal Pit. The great big bastard kept the fucking hammer down all the way up and I was blowing out of my arse trying to keep up. Spot infront of my eyes at the gate, Toss also suffering.

Over the gate and onto the moors. The ground was pissed wet through and slippy as hell. I really wasnt expecting this as I couldnt actually remember it raining that much, but I had zero grip and was fishtailing all over the shop. We made sure that Jase was kept at the back on this stretch, he'd already done enough damage to us.

The plan was to do the Shoulder. However given the conditions on the ground I was a bit hesitant an with good reason. The lads set off down in fine form while I was struggling to keep a line. Muddy sliding around and one of them nights where your just not riding very well anyway.

The steep bit is a bit of a conundrum I reckon. Night riding seems to flatten technical riding out to me... I always go faster down the ICR at night for example, but the Shoulder seems 10 times steeper in the dark that it does during the day. Shit it, but got down ok, they other two were well in front.

Loads of frogs shagging on piss poor, sure sign of spring. Then the final run to the pub.

Within 1 pint of being in, Jase kicks the table and spills a bit of his pint... only to be followed later on by him kicking it again and 2 pints poured all over me gentlemans region. Fucking drenches in fine smelling ale! The bell end.

Pikey and Weester did indeed turn up as did CLARKEY!!! as there was a few of us we decided to enter the quiz. Probably a bit of an error this as we came a resounding last. It didnt help that 3 of us were pissed.

Ride home was good fun, all of us riding the steps.

Oh.. and I'm using this pic as inspiration to loose my beer belly in the next few months...

A full weekend of biking is now in store. I'm so excited!

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