Monday, 12 March 2012

How to hurt and exhaust yourself in one easy weekend part 1 GISBURN

A Child free weekend... holy shit! What am I going to do with myself you might ask... well I'm going to RIDE MY MOTHERFUCKING BIKE.

Saturday, nice lie in I got kitted out and headed over to Gisburn. Got to Cocklett Car park and it was rammed. This place really is getting popular now. Put the bike together and set off. Very wet and muddy and I was very surprised as to how the trail has suffered, pot holes everywhere and the breaking bumps were really bad. The wind was really up and gusting, not so bad in the trees, but getting up higher was blowing me around a bit. The new Hope line was fast and flowing, too many jumps for my liking though, plus it was rammed with DH'ers sessioning stuff. The quarry was closed so it was fire road to the upper parts of the forest heading up to Whelpstone.

I got to the slab and thought, just fucking ride it, you've done it loads of times before, but i was on my own and when i got to the top is was blowing a bloody hoolie. I really didnt fancy plunging down near vertical rock with a sidewind. Just at that moment I spot about 5 lads just arriving at the bottom, clearly looking up at me and pointing... Obviously saying, oh wait hang on, someones coming down. Fucking great... no pressure then. Dropped the saddle and rolled over. Was ok actually, back wheel kicked out a bit with a gust but otherwise fine, except a tight star!

Hully was slippery as hell, but brilliant.. hit the top of every berm again... you really dont realise just how high these are until your at the top at near stalling speed! I always think that the rest of Gisburn is a bit of a let down after Hully, so I scooted back to the car in pretty quick order. Nice spin out, but pushed a bit too hard really.

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