Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Yay... a ride!

Jase sent an email round on Monday saying that he was going for a spin on Tuesday. My new bike hasnt turned up yet but then Toss said he couldnt make it, but he very kindly lent me his bike.

Good turn out actually with Weester, Jase, Clarkey and Pikey as well as myself. I;ve not ridden in 3 weeks so we took a very easy ride which consisted of going up Winter Hill by the path of least resistance and battering San Marino. Happy days. Lovely evening for it and the views were ace. Not seen so many bikers out in ages!

Had a chat with a lad on a Pig at the top of Marino, turned out to be GavinB offa STW. The descent on a completely unfamiliar bike with air settings way to high for me made for a very interesting plummet and a bit sketchy at some points. Jase had another puncture... seems he cant get down SM without one. At the bottom we waited for a regroup, ear to ear grins all round!

While waiting Donk, Si and Johnnie came down also... they were only half way through their proper Tuesday ride and enquired if we were off to the pub. Sadly thats Thursdays only and we bid them farewell and set off for home.

Quick spin out but just the fookin tonic. Went to bed a happy guy!

also... got a call today!!! The bike is ready!!

I feel like a 5 year old.

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D0NK said...

"The bike is ready!!"