Monday, 20 June 2011

A Sad Farewell to a dear old friend.

After 6 years of faithful unstinting service, I've finally sold my frame. A great buy, back in 2005 when I walked into Life Cycles and saw her dangling from the ceiling... she has given me many many happy memories and taken me on loads of adventures. Ridden twice a week through rain, wind, snow and sun she never once let me down.

An emotional few hours stripping her down ready for her new owner. I hope he will be as happy with her as I was.

Hope the new one gives me as much pleasure.

On a more practical note.. I;'ve not ridden for over 2 weeks now and I'm proper grumpy twat. I fucking hate not riding my bike, keeps me sane and happy. Worse still its the Manchester to Blackpool in 3 weeks. Need to sort my shit out or else I wont finish the bastard.

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Junkyard said...

what you getting instead?
you could do a skinful of ale and still do it easily. Real men set off from home and do it to get the elusive 100 miles in.
It is slow as there are folk everywhere and it will be easier than an STW bimble unless it is dead windy that is