Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Right. Fuck the belly that Christmas gave me. I'm doing something about it.

The Forecast for this week was looking good, so I set the alarm for "fuck me thats early" packed me kit up and told the wife she could have my car for the week.

I;d never commuted in the Dark before and my previous HID light wasnt really suited to it. But armed with Trouties monster that has a flash mode I was all set.

6.45 saw me setting off down Blackburn road, through the town centre, Manny Road, Farnworth, Walkden, Worsley and then picked up Loopline. Sustrans have spent a lot of money here since I last commuted (Over a year and a half ago) and the gates are now gone and most of the mud has been replaced my a well graded aggregate, well till about half way then its about a mile of mud, the at the old station its Resin Bound Aggregate. For those of you not in the industry, this is fookin expensive form of surfacing, and they have used it all the way down to Monton Green. Looks like they have spent a bit on Landscaping too, but was hard to notice in the Dark.

Monton onto the Bridgewater and they have even used the RBA on the canal towpath. Brilliant!

Over the swinging bridge and through Trafford Park and I arrive at work buzzing!

The ride home was a bit tougher I have to admit to flagging a bit going up Blackburn road. My Tracks surprisingly had the return leg at 13.8 miles with 1200' of ascent!! Fuck me, I know coming home is psychologically up hill, but I didnt realise that it was THAT much uphill.

Back in this morning and I think I'll struggle going home, legs are a bit tired. Gonna drive on Wednesday as I have a load of meetings on site, but Thursday back on it!

Oh, and Trouties light is fucking AWESOME for commuting. On medium flash cars literally flee in horror. Its like parting the red sea.

Goodbye winter belly!

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D0NK said...

Well done, keep it up, you'll be getting a road bike next :-)

I used to use that sustrans route a lot when I worked in eccles, if you want less road you can join the route here and go passed the hospital but there's a couple S barriers to slow you and it's a bit of a faff round highfield, can email you the route if you want. Used to do road to worsley in the morning (quicker, more time in bed) but off road as much as possible home.