Friday, 21 January 2011

1st Week Commuting

Well, I stuck with it. Rode all days except Wednesday. Thighs are pretty toasted to be honest, but otherwise feel great.

This morning saw the sun starting to come up as I was passing the Golf Course on the Loopline, was lovely, mist and frost slowly rising from the fields, superb way to start the day.

120miles in 4 days. Gonna do my best to keep this up, but its hard work arranging all the site visits into one day so I can get round them all in the car, but it will be worth it.

I dont ever want to be as unfit as I was after Christmas!


D0NK said...

Impressive, especially jumping straight in to 4 days a week. Did you manage to get an all offroad route?

lowey said...

NO mate... will struggle linking up Loopline with moses gate.

Going to wait till the lighter nights and mornings before I go off exploring.