Friday, 12 November 2010

Thursday pub!

A wild wild night. The wind was doing its best to immitate a hurricane so we decided to head up the valley and call in at the Belmont Bull. Trouties light was suitable jaw dropping, however the power drain for my tired old battery was too much unfortuanlty.

The track up the valley was just so ridiculously muddy we were all coated in the stuff by the time we arrived.

The bastards broke the golden rule of 5 pint limit on a school night too. Fookin 6 pints !!

The ride home was "interesting". Jase sped off at top speed and was probably home and asleep before I made it to the top of San Marino. Weester and Toss were dicking around all the way down Belmont Road and headed off down the race track, I followed but at a pretty circumspect pace. At the bottom, Weester failed to negotiate a turn and hit a wall head on. He seemed ok so we carried on where he proceeded to hit a kerb at an oblique angle and binned it again. The pisspot.

Net result......(amongst others)

Great night in the pub though! Loved it.


D0NK said...

Absolutley no need for that pic! I now have to put up with weesters arse everytime I look at my blogs dashboard.
Quick write a few more posts.

samuri said...


Anonymous said...

Me left legs the worst but the picture doesn't have the same gravitas as a picture of an arse.