Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Let there be light!

Went over to See Troutie last night. What a top bloke!

I met Chris on a STW ride in Swaledale a few months back and was drooling over his creations then. So after about 2 years of deliberation I finally took the lunge and got one of his Liberators.

His "light hatchery" as he loving calls it, is his garage. Kitted out with lathe and mini CRC type machine. There are light of ever description scattered all over the place, all borne out of Chris' mad idea's. He said that most of what he makes, even the really daft powerful stuff gets sold, indeed just that day he had shipped 2 7ups to Namibia and a prototype head torch to Finnland for a dog sled racer.

His enthusiasm for his hobby is infectious and its really clear he take massive pride in what he produces. Which leads me nicely to what he does produce. Here's the liberator.....
3 modes. The lowest is easily brighter than my old HID, the highest is just jaw droppingly bright. Couple of strobe modes but that soon had me fitting on the floor.

Testing it tomorrow on a night ride.

As an aside... look at this monster he has been playing around with....

11, yes 11 of the most ludricously powerful LED's currently available. Darths Vaders Death Star's Lazer wasnt as powerful as this mofo.

1 comment:

D0NK said...

Bet Jase is saving up for that 11er just to piss on your poxy 6er liberator :-)
I can see winter hill from my attic I'll have a look at about 8pm see if half of it is illuminated by you!