Monday, 19 July 2010

Moaning about not biking ? Sorry, but I'll not bother....

Pissin weather, pissin punctures, pissing no tubes, pissin skint, pissin domestic chores... pissin bollocks and fucking piss!

That would be my usual opener after 8 days of not being on the bike. However, not today.

Last week I got some pretty shitty news. One of our occasional riding buddies and a good mate hit me with the bad news. Kidney Disease. He told me all about the symptoms, what it will mean and also the stress that it has, is and will cause him.

So instead of moaning like a kid, I'll just be thankful that I CAN ride a bike and still have my health. After Al's death its one more wake up call that proves that life really is just too short and that we must try to live it to the full.

Got everything crossed for you matey... We WILL see you at Coniston again!

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