Friday, 23 July 2010

Fast Blast

Jase, Weest and me only tonight and a late start. First of the year with lights on. Met up at Weesters at 8pm and after a bit of faffage we were off. Up to Coal Pit and over the gate the ground was surprisingly firm and grippy despite the recent rain. Hit the road and we decided to do the Kennel run for a change. Great fun I forgot how good this little DH is, however the chute has a nasty groove in the bottom of it now so me and weest came down the grass while Wors did the steps.

Up hole in't wall and then Weester took us over the quarries to matchmor, the onto Burnt edge and down the bumpy rocky track. Despite owning it, I have never actually ridden down it, It was Ace. Bump and fast. Weest came a cropper at the bottom but luckily landed in the heather.

Along over Walker Fold and then to the 63 steps. Wors rode them, and whilst they didnt look too bad, their length just fucked with my head and I walked down them with Weest. I'll take em next time.

On with the light and then a classic urban raid through the burb's of Smithills along tracks I have never riden before. Nearly lost the lads and came a right cropper on some slippy planks. We ended up getting spat out Just above the Tap. I duley noted this and next weeks ride I will suggest that we finish on this route once more, but a little ealier and we shall avail ourselves of the hospitality of the Tap.

Cracking ride out.

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