Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Stuff at Cragg Quarry

After hearing from Ed Oxley that Cragg Quarry was now open for business, I decided to have a poke around. Solo mission as the other bummers could only fit a quick ride in so they went local.

The morning started promising, bit of overnight rain would probably firm things up a little, so when I parked up at Futures I was expecting a fast ride. Followed the back paths over to Greens and the Rake head for the long climb up Rooley Moor Road and into Cragg. Met Graham at the start of the trails as he was pretending to be working as a ranger. He pointed me in the right direction as the trails were not marked, but it was pretty straight forward to follow really. The rain then started to close in about this time and just got heavier as the afternoon went on.

The guys have done a pretty good job with the trail, its about 4.5k and flows really well. Its more pedally than Lee but makes real good use of the terrain. Some good berms in there to rail round.
Did a couple of laps, the second being much quicker as I'd got the feel of the trail. At the end of the second lap, i headed over RMR and took the cheeky path down to Lee. The rain was well set in now and I was fookin soaked. 1 lap of Lee and it was enough, the water was puddled everywhere in the Quarry and with no mudguards was was covered in grit. So down the hill to the car and home. Flooded the car too, theres a big puddle in the drivers seat :(

It will be great when they finally put the link in between Lee and Cragg.

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Red Bike said...

I hope to make the trip up in the next few weeks to have a crack at those two quarries. I hope they're worth a 2 hour drive!