Friday, 23 April 2010

Bike, Brandy, Beer, Mates and Dust!

Been looking forward to getting out on Thursday night all week. The weather has been excellent and the trails would be in pristine condition. Toss manged to come out, first ride with him since Rivi STW, Jase and Weester so a good turn out.

The Daffidils at the Horrock fold car park were looking lovely and Jase got a good pic.

We spun up to Walker Fold, and as it was so dry, we decided to take the cheeky north shore path through the forest. Good choice as it was lovely and dry, bereft of walkers and was great dun to ride. It spat us out at the gate below Burnt Edge. Weester had a go at a really steep set of soil steps by the side of the gate, but didnt make it. Me and Toss went up the usual chute, but Toss was not riding to his full ability and didnt quite make it. Up the rocky climb and we were all climbing well, Weest and Jase making it without a Dab, but I failed about 2m from the top and ended up just riding into a big bunch of reads. We took the path up the gully to the old Lake and then up to the top of the Kennels Run. Toss, bless him them produced the Brandy. The warm booze was very welcome and warmed us all up, and provided a bit of dutch for the Kennel Run.
The Kennels was just fookin ACE! Not ridden it for what seemed like ages, but it was so grippy and dry we all flew down it.

Regroup at the bottom and we headed up Hole'in't'wall, but not before Weester was called a fookin COCK. he was fucking around skidding his rear wheel, but i was right up behind him and nearly ran right over the bell end. Back up to the road and then over the Hill to the top of San Marino. Riding up the road we got a good view of the most wonderful red sky as the Sun sank over the irish sea.

At the top of San Marino. we were all like kids in a candy shop, dying to get going down the run. Looking over the valley we noticed Turton Heights was on fire and burning pretty brightly in the failing light. We set of at a right old rate of knots, the path bone dry we were flying. All the jumps and rocks were hit at full tilt and it was one of those downs where everything just feels right, that was until the shout went up that Jase had flatted, at almost the very same point as I did the week before. So we still didnt manage to get down in one run.

Back to Toss's for the fire and 5 pints. Weest and Jase were total saints and cycled over to the chippy at about 10pm for Chip Barms all round. Topped of a classic night.

I am running out of superlatives to describe the Rivi trails at the moment, they are that good. Long may it continue.


Toss said...

Nice one Dave - twas a brilliant evening and I thank you for not telling the whole truth about my riding abilities last night, which were, frankly, Piss Poor. Loved the sesh outside the garage tho.... :-)

Jason said...

fantastic evening. Stop beating yersen up T.