Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lunacy on Winter Hill

Sunday round again. Just me, Toss and surprisingly, Weester out. I say surprisingly because it was James' birthday party at 3pm. We did agree to set off at 12 this time though in order to try and make the most of the day. We planned to head over to Rivi as we hadnt been up that way in the snow yet. The snow was just about starting to thaw ever so slightly, but this meant that the compacted some on the roads was starting to give way under our tyres, making front wheel wash outs a common occurrence.

Up past Horrocks Fold to the car park, we were all over the place. Turning right up Coal Pit Road, there was a copper parked up in his X5, looked a bit odd just parked up on his own, so I asked if he needed a push, but he politely declined. Tosser ventured that he may have had "cock in't hand" but I wasnt so sure. Up to the Gate and Weester bid us farewell, so good he could get back for the party. Me and Toss decided to carry on along the road rather than chance the path to the top. We planned to descend the Kennels, Pike, and the Belmont. At the top of the steps we watched a couple of lad with power kites and snow boards having a blast over the moors.

The wind had really got up now and the windchill was ferocious. The drifts that had start to form were proving well difficult and we just ended up pushing. On the Road, the drifts obscure the tarmac around the side of 2 lads, Toss decided on having a play in the drifts.

Probably not the best of ideas given he was wearing 3/4's. Sure enough, his legs went numb and he decided to turn back.

On my own now, I elected to go straight up the road and down San Marino. But the road was just purgatory. The new drifts over slushy salted snow was giving no grip at all. All the time the wind was ripping accross the moor. I ended up carrying the bike to the top of San Marino and getting some pretty strange stares from a few walkers.

The top part of Marino was just a push as in places I was up to my bollocks in snow. After about 200 yards though, I dropped the saddle and had a go. I slithered slipped and slid all the way down, sideways most of the time.

The lower down I got the better it was, less wind and the snow was a bit more compacted with no drifts so managed to get a bit of speed up. The Spaniel was ramped up with snow and was hardly noticeable.

At bottom, had a quick chin wag with a guy carrying some skies, he was hoping to climb up San Marino and then ski back down.

Quick spin home and back to a warm kitchen to make tea.

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