Friday, 8 January 2010

Champagne and Snow

Thursday night ride and after the dumping of snow on Tuesday, there were rumblings of malcontent. Toss circulated an email suggesting we bin the ride and go sledging in the valley. I politely pointed out his suspect sexual orientation and said that I would meet them back at his for beers when I had finished my RIDE. Weester, bless him, also elected to ride, so it was looking like just me and him. About 2 hours before the ride though, the email came from Toss with the classic line "Two big hairy arsed blokes going sledging together has been deemed as being fruit of the highest order". He had seen sense and rather disgruntledly came out with us.

So Saddled up and headed down into the valley. The grip on the loose snow was surprisingly plentyful, but god help you if you strayed off into any powder. We headed up through the golf course and past Lucas's house, then up the Witton Weavers to Green Arms. It was fookin Freezing!!! proper hardcore cold. Any speed just made the wind rip at your face.

Stopped at the top of some pics as it was just a wonderful night. Views were superb and I made some pretty shitty atempts at making some arty shots.

Turned out all right I reckon!

We went back down the way we came  which was sketchy, Weester making an impromptue departure into the field.

Down past Turton Tower and home via The Jumbles.

At Tossers, the fire was lit amd I produced the extra bit of sparkle in the form of a bottle of Champers!! Went down very nice too.


Toss said...

Yet another excellent evenings ride, great company, great beer, champagne, fire & MILF Towels!! Excellent Blog Mr Nibbs...

lowey said...

I can smell them now. I spent all night inhaling deeply on hardcore grape seed MILF.