Monday, 14 December 2009

Solo Rides - Soul food

Sunday morning saw me struggling for motivation if I'm honest. A quick check of the email inbox revealed that I wasn't the only one. Nobody was out. Looked at the sky and the day really was just too nice to sit at home. Rather reluctantly, I got my kit together and headed off out.

At about Horrocks Fold, all thoughts of not riding were dispelled as I just listened to the calming sound of knobblies on grit, views were brilliant over towards Snowdonia and the Irish sea.

Going along Walker Fold, I bumped into Johnnie on a road bike going the other way. After laughing at his bike, we had a quick chat, he was heading over to Tockholes and then back home. I must admit to some rather mild interest at his bike. Cannondale IIRC, with the sexy smoothed welds. Still, I'd rather run my bare arse down Blackburn Road that actually be seen on one of them things.

Crossed over the ciggy tunnel and up through the forest. As I was on my own I decided to chance the rocky road up to Burnt Edge, which I cleaned in one go. Well pleased with myself. At Burnt Edge, had the somewhat surreal view of about 50 Ramblii all in Christmas Regalia out for their festive walk.

Down the Kennels, slippery as hell, and up the Pike. Cracking view from the top, however it was packed with people. One of the reasons why I stay away from Rivi on a Sunday is it is usually rammed with the great unwashed.

ICR was as much fun as ever, but for a change I headed down to the Top barn, then along the back road to the school to climb the Dentist.

Halfway along Piss Poor, I parked up and had a few minutes. Sat in the grass looking over to the Lakes, wisps of snow visible on the Scafell Massive. Lovely and quiet (with the exception of a future organ donor revving the bollocks off his bike over Sheep Houses). Back on the bike and headed home.

Riding with Mates is great. Its a good laugh, always good poking fun at each others shortcomings and the general camaraderie. However, every once in a while its good to just head out and ride on your own. No worries about pace, route or stops, just you, your bike and nature. Food for the soul.


trio said...

I wish I knew where you had been riding, most of the names mean nothing. I think there are trails that I need to discover!

lowey said...

You probably know them all, its just that I have a rampant imagination. I find naming trails a great way to describe them lol.

D0NK said...

One day I will sit down with you and an OS map and create a conversion table for "lowey trails vs what the rest of the world calls them".

"I must admit to some rather mild interest at his bike" you're on the slippery slope now mate, you'll have one of your own by the end of next year :-)

lowey said...

Over my dead body mate.