Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cold ?? I'll rip your fackin face off, my san......

If Brick Top did weather reports, this is what he would have said about Winter Hill tonight.

Just Jase, Weest and me tonight as Tosser was bumming his metal detector friends. Had snow flurries off and on all day so by the time we set off there was a light covering. The temperature had fallen through the floor though. No worries, no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

Waited for Weest for a few mins while he faffed with his bike. I was dismayed to see the fookin hippy still hasn't had his hair cut!

Jase mentions to me that he has packed his flask with warm coffee and brandy !! I love Jase and want to have his babies.

Sets off up towards the Wilton. At Belmont Road, things go tits up with Jase's freewheel freezing up. End of his ride. I was gutted to see him turn back, well, gutted to see his flask turn back if I'm honest.

We had originally planned to get over the Hill to descend the Shoulder to Piss Poor, ICR, Dentist, Hole in wall and then Marino, but Weester was struggling with his chest and also his new chain was skipping on the old cassette, so at Coal Pit gate, we shot up the path.

Considering the temp had only dropped today, the mud from last week was virtually rock hard with the exception of a couple of places, most of which weester found by his front wheel sinking up to the hub.

At the top we elected to just shoot down San Marino. Got to the gate and the wind chill was really kicking in. Any colder and parts of my face would start to fall off. Bikes were frozen solid, mud on the rims was rock hard. Me being a knob head had forgotten my glasses so had to descend with contact lenses in a freezing wind. Could see fuck all most of the way down.

Great ride out. Man I LOVE winter riding. The forecast for the coming few days is severe cold, so the moors will be lovely and hard. Going to make the most of it.

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Jason said...

that Brandy was nice too!