Monday, 23 November 2009

Oh Shit, we forgot to pack the Ark

Sunday rolls round, just 3 hardy souls willing to venture out into the mounting tempest that is the lancashire Sunday Afternoon.

Weester kindly offered to driv us to Lee Quarry and show off his shiney new bike rack that he has been wanking over for the last few weeks. Me and Toss waited in eager anticipation for him to arrive. Along he comes sans bike rack. A few crossed words with the wife prior to departure apparently made his mind up to just toss the stuff in the back. During the wait, Toss noticed that his chain snap on Wednesday also accounted for his front mech, bent to fuck. So he gets all Medieveil on it and wraunches it into something like the right shape.

So off we set. 30mins later we are sat at Futures watching rain hammer down on the windscreen and listening to the rain howling. "turn the heater up mate" mumbles Toss as we try to drum up the courage to get out and sort out the gear. One bloke turned up with the bike on the back of his car. All three of us stared out at him getting his kit ready. We could tell he was proper hardcore as he had a beard. Hope we didnt make him feel too self conscious. Santa's commitment to getting out the bike was the kick up the arse we needed and we sprang out of the car to get kitted up. Fuck me it was cold. About 8 lads rumble down the hill as we are getting set. Their appearance was not encouraging us, it has to be said.

Up the hill we set off. The rain just started to get harder and the wind was stronger and stronger. The corkscrew was rutted and slippy, with Toss attacking the berms with a new and interesting method of descending. He just rode into the top of the berm and then just sat on the bike as it slid sideways down.

At the berms into the skillz area, my rad skillz once more displayed themselves by stopping me getting a face full of dirt when the front washed out in a corner, however this was enough persuasion to make me suggest a single lap and the retreat to the haven of the Jalopy. Toss nailed the Ginnel, showing his confidence is really on the right road, rest of the lap was just a blur of wet, wind and cold.

We left the car at 2pm and were on our way home, wet through at 2.44pm. What a palaver. balls to that for a game of soldiers.

We need some more days like this at Lee.