Friday, 27 November 2009

Donks Nemesis

Thursday rolls round yet again. Yet again weester is ill so its me Toss and Wors. John makes an appearance. New blood. Never been out before and he duly rolled out his "stealth rapist" fired up his light and assured us he would be ok. The lad did indeed do ok, as far a Scout Road before blowing his bollocks off. Poor fella was fucked so around he turned.

What promised to be a nice clear night soon went tits up with the arrival of cold wet rain. Great. Up to two lads we decided to shoot down hole in't wall. Great fun, rutted to hell and slippery as fook = great fun. Got the the bottom and Wors pointed out that I was now sans front mudguard. Must have bounced off on the way down. For a change I suggested we went down Wilderswood. not been down for year but was anxious to sample this beast that claimed the riding god that is DONK. Underwhelmed by the whole shebang. Much much better descents from rivi.

Pootles along to the barn, steep climb back up to the Gardens and the Ale was calling. So fired along piss poor to Belmont road where my brand new Superstar brake pads decided they had had enough a prompty cleared off.

Uneventful ride home to soup and 5 beers around the fire.

One more ride before our Xmas ride/stagger/drinking marathon in the Bull!!


trio said...

5 beers, I will never keep up with you lot!

D0NK said...

"Underwhelmed by the whole shebang" you're not riding it fast enough mate, as is evident by you vaporizing your brake pads