Monday, 22 April 2013

A Sad Day - Dave Johnson RIP.

After Saturdays ace ride out, I got the crushing news that Dave (Deejay) Johnson had passed away. A complete bolt out of the blue.

I'd not spoke to Dave for a while and after my domestic implosion in Jan / Feb 2011 and subsequent non riding so I never got chance to sort out a ride with the Darlington guys.

He was fit as a fiddle, one of the best riders I have ever ridden with. Moreover he was a true Gent and a finer guy you could not hope to meet. He was always a bit of an inspiration to me too. As we all get older, we wonder how much longer we will be able to pursue our beloved sport. Dave was living proof that age is no barrier to being a shit hot rider.

I first met Dave on a ride around Grizedale that was arranged on STW. A small group which included Junkyard, Ton, Steve, SFB, Donk, Yoshimi and Faz. Was a brilliant day out and I remember Dave just sitting in the group at our pace and having a great crack with him. His knowledge of the trails of northern England was astonishing.

We arranged a ride around Rivington next and the subsequent rides, all arranged on STW, became known as the STW Northern Chapter rides. These grew in popularity which kind of became the very reason why they died off. Instead, we often arranged rides via emails or calls and each one was a total pleasure.

I cant believe that after the Rammy ride with G and Mart last Wednesday we were chatting about him in the pub, and a few days later we get the terrible news.

Ride on mate... you will be deeply missed by all whos pleasure it was to ride with you.


Anonymous said...

Shit news Lowey, met DJ a few times over the years, spoke with G this morning, will have to have a pint in rememberance next time we are altogether. T

Toss said...

Very well written Dave... Very sad. T