Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Big Kids in the Snow

Saturday ride this week. Was itching to get out as being in the house on my own was not appealing one bit. Toss Jase and me set off over a thick blanket of the white stuff, and it was bloody cold too.

Fortunalty the snow was still pretty fresh so was offering quite a bit of grip. I'd put the flats on for the first time coupled with some walking boots which I picked up cheap from Sports Direct. Bloody hell them DMR pedals grip dont they ??

Toss was on his old girl after messing up his mech up the other week, but his old girl had SPD's on. This did provide me much hilarity I have to say following him up coal pit.

Coal pit path was a nice climb but most of us stalled a few times. At the top Jase got a good picture of me on the mast run.
Bumped into a couple of riders on the mast road and then we headed down to the kennels. Much falling off for all of us but we got to the bottom ok, was a bloody right old laugh actually, ploughing through drifts on the steep drop to the kennels.

For some daft reason we climbed the pike and it was howling, freezing cold too, so we didnt hang around and headed straight down to the ICR. This was ridiculous. Thick sheet ice at the top which we pushed past for about 10 yards before deciding to chance it. I was completely out of control on most of it, not daring to touch the brakes and consequently got to the bottom in record time, albeit petrified.

Shot off down to the lower barn to grab a brew and saw them doing a full on Hog Roast at the top barn. Must have been for a function I think, but it smelt lovely.

Nice brew at the barn and Bumped into Tongy who had been over to Darwen.

We climbed back up the Dentist which was ok actually, then beasted ourselves back up the hill via Hole i't wall. I was fucked by the time we reached the top of San Marino and was glad of the downhill. Very slippery and through some thick drifts but we all made it to the bottom unscathed, although my upper body was aching from gripping on for dear life.

Great run out.