Monday, 15 October 2012

Sunday Sunshine!!

Been AGES since we had a sunday lads ride. Toss suggested it and a quick show of hands suggested a good turn out. I came back from sunny wales a bit early and we met up at 1.15 for the off. Or so we thought. My bike was sadly displaying he effects of a shockingly poor maintenance regime the results of which could clear by heard 42 miles away ..... (this video needs the sound up, however I guarantee you'll turn it off pretty sharpish)
I'm not proud of this. Additionally, my jockey wheel had seized, by inner tube was poking out through a ripped sidewall, and then the River turned up and needed his gears sorting out. By the time we eventaully got riding it was 2.15!!!

Still no matter, was lovely to be out, the sun was shining and all was well with the world. Myself, JD, Toss and TR only though as Weesters misses was on a "coffee morning" with someone called Winston.

Up horrocks fold and I had to stop to have a couple of painkillers as my knee was playing up. Apart from that though I felt great, the two commutes in the week had done me the power of good.

Coal pit was nice and gentle but TR was struggling a bit. When we reached the gate we got a snide remark from some old gentleman walking his dogs and wife, insisting that we ignore the footpath signs. Thanks for your help mate, we will do just that. The irony of him making the remarks right next to the trespass stone was obviously lost on him.

The climb up the path was ok actually, bit muddy in places but not as bad as I thought it would be. TR announced that he was blowing out of his star so decided to bin it and return home.

Up to the top of the hill and we ventured down the shoulder. Loads of paragliders around for us to dodge. Toss paused with his fancy SLR to take some pics which came out nice actually. I just got some vids of the lads coming down the plunge.

Slippery as fuck on the run down to the bridge, toss slipped off the step when carrying his bike and it twatted him on the head. Hillarious.

Quick spin along Belmont Road and we flew down the ICR. Man I love this little descent, however Toss and JD were not so keen, the run having taken its toll on our arms and legs.

Climb back up through the gardens was easy enough and then we decided on going up the Pike. At the top we spotted Wors carrying his bike up so we waited for him to arrive and we blasted down the fast track.
And it was fast... pedalling out in top gear flying over the rocks. Fucking ace.

Up the kennels we chose to go as the path of least resistance. was a bit boggy but mainly rideable all the way up. The road was shit boring but then we got the San Marino. Jase headed off and I followed him fairly apprehensivly as I suspected it would have been cut up to fuck. Actually it wasnt too bad. Jase flatted just before the first turn, I couldnt really be arsed waiting for him so I flew down the rest. Big fuck off hole just at the side of the spaniel which nearly caught me out, but otherwise all good. Massive grins at the bottom. Toss and JD had kindly waited for Jase and they all came down to regroup.

Through the trees and home Man it was fucking brilliant ride. Sunshine and mates and fun. set me up for the week that did.


Mike said...

Looks like a good day oot. Linking yer vids too.

Jason said...

'Jase flatted just before the first turn, I couldnt really be arsed waiting for him so I flew down the rest'


Toss said...

Quality day out.... Apart from losing my blue Nob!

Toss said...

its a fuckin month since you did your blog you lazy twat. And you missed Doms Northern trip out.