Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Punished on the Turbines.

So not been out much, well, at all if I'm honest, since Penmachno and was getting a little fat and unfit. So when Binners offered up a turbine ride 2 days before setting off for the lakes, it seemed the perfect chance. They were planning on setting off from the Rose and Crown at 10.30 and heading up the tower, so with one eye on having a few ales and another eye on a late start I said I would meet them at Pilgrims Cross for 11.

Off I set at 10am through the jumbles and then up the long old drag up Crowthorn from the bottom. Fuck me it was hard work, unused legs squealing with pain and tight hamstrings playing up also. At the top I rang Graham who was coming over with Keith to meet us at Pilgrims too, he was just climbing up from Irwell Vale. Along the Horseshoe, down the steps and banged the back wheel on the river, flatting the tube instantly. Put me back a few minutes and made me rush the climb up. I was there ahead of Graham and met up with Binners, Nick and a few other guys too. Graham and Keith soon arrived having beasted themselves up Robin Hoods Well.

Up to Bull Hill and then the fast descent to Irwell Vale. Great fun, especially the pitched section and into the loose bits just above the village, G mentioned to hit the water bar, which I didnt even see till I was flying over it.

Me and Nick last the guys briefly, but a phone call got us reunited for the climb up through Edenfield. We then took some cheeky lines through the forest which were great fun. The ended with a very steep drop in with a load of roots at the top. To my great shame I got a mental block here and couldnt go over, ended up the only one pushing down. Oh the shame.

Next was the climb up past the school and then the coal road to Cragg. I was doing ok up to this point given my lack of riding, however the Coal Road broke me. Long steady climb which went on for ever, I was fucked at the top. Bit of a play for half of Cragg then over the summit to the turbines and Binners took us down some cheeky ST which was great fun actually, spitting us out near Owd Betts. We then flew back down the bumpy track by the school, G suggesting a bit of a detour which I declined due to being shagged out.

So back at the rammy and disaster! the fucking brewery was closed. Up to the R&C for a couple of pints of Wainwrights Nick kindly gave me a lift home.

Totalled 30.7 miles and 2,900 feet of climbing. Not a bad effort I thought and set me up nicely for the trip to Keswick.

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