Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Northern Beer Snobs ride The Chilterns

Dom had been banging on for ages about inviting us down once again to his place to ride the lovely Chiltern Hills. After much faffing around we agreed on a date. Good turn out, Myself, Pikey, Weester, TR and Toss all made the trip down. CW even made the trip.

We had an early start and managed to grab a traditional bacon barm from the greasy spoon at Junction 16, Pikey and Weester having second fucking helpings! Long old drive found us at Princess Risborough for about 12ish.

Dom welcomed us and introduced us to Alister, a recent new riding buddy and a thoroughly nice guy. Quick kit up and lube and we were off.

Long old road climb up to Whiteleaf Cross where Toss was horrified that CW and myself were riding on what turned out to be an ancient barrow. I thought it was just a load of tipped chalk, still good fun though. A short downhill lulled us all in but the wet chalk provided hardly any grip at all, and as it got steeper towards the bottom, I just about managed to get round, but heard a loud thud behind. Pikey had come barrelling down the hill, touched the brakes and discovered zero grip and hit a tree. Good job he's a big hard motherfucker as his helmet twatted the tree pretty hard, he was later sporting a bruise and cuts where the helmet had hit his head.

At the bottom I recognized where we were from last time and sure enough we were just round the corner from Chequers. Scoot through the fields to a short but sharp climb up to Coomb Hill Monument. The lads all sat down for a bit of scran, but Toss, CW and myself, all being rad dudes decided to have a bit of a play, doing drop offs from the side of the monument. All good fun, CW flying through the air as usual and me and Toss scaring ourselves with our awesomeness, ahem.
Next up Dom took us down a short descent, which actually turned out to be a cracker... started off broad and muddy, but we soon flew into a fairly tight chute. Hammered it to the bottom where we all had major smiles, best descent of the day. At the bottom, I noticed a chalk quarry so we all went in there for a bit of a play around... some good steps to fly down.

Rest of the ride took us through Wendover and then a gentle undulating track back towards home. Some pretty sharp uphills to keep the blood pumping though and a cracking little steep chute which I followed Pipkey down (at a distance I may add, given his dismount earlier,,, didnt want to run the fucker over).

We elected to take the road back to the Pub but we got caught in a fucking massive rain shower, which was a shame really, 15 mins earlier and we would have been tucked up in the pub and missed it.

Indignant landlord obviously hated me, but when Dom and Alister asked if we could come in he was fine, although we had to wear galoshes. To be fair, the ale was excellent and a good crack was had.
Think we shifted about 6 pints before moving back to Doms where a bbq was lit and a fine drunken evening was had by all.

Cheers to Dom for being an excellent host once again.

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Toss said...

Excellently recanted, David....