Friday, 15 October 2010

Thursday Beers!

So Thursday again and a good turn out with Me, Toss, Jase and Weest. Toss was a late inclusion as his daughter had a careers evening but he managed to get away in time.

Met up at Weesters and decided to have a short blast as the Lads were having beers at Jase's. Down Blackburn Road, and up past the golf course (zzzzzzzzzzz) then down to Longworth, Weest and Jase were both having problems with thier lights, Weester's bastid was having wiring issues and Jase's Troutie was playing up too. At the path along Delph weesters gave up the ghost, but fortunatly Toss has a spare battery which let weest set it up as a Helmet light, a feature that he was pretty chuffed with. Usual route from the church up to Green Arms, here we plunged down to the dogger park a Entwistle, but not before a car pulled up at the top of the entrance and some bottom feeding twat stuck his thick inbred head out of the back window and suggested that we all "fucked our mums". Charming, Luckily for them Jase saw the funny side and didnt chase after them.

Rather than take the cheeky path to Wayoh, i suggested having a bash at a path I have had my eye on for a while but could never poach it during the day as it was always rammed. So we went past the Duck and the dropped off left and along what turned out to be a fooin cracking little descent into the valley and then along to Hob Lane. Brilliant bit of trail!!

More cheekyness on the east side of wayoh to the dam where we crossed and headed past Chapeltown Church and decended to the Jumbles head. Had a bit of a moment on the paving stones when i collided with a tree trunk. Fucking hurt actually, them trees are angry bastards and dont bend!

Weester got a puncture here but as Toss was giving me some sow poured homebrew me and him shot off to start pouring it. We took the Railway and valley path to get home sharpish and it was ace.

Brilliant ride out. Lovely night and the ground was plenty grippy and the new path was ace!

Jase got his Brazier out and a roaring fire was soon underway. Toss's homebrew turned out to be much stronger than I thought. Left jase's at about 11 steaming.

Cracking ride.


D0NK said...

new track?

lowey said...

Aye, thats the one mate. Superb, short but perfectly formed.

D0NK said...

Yeah good fun but as you say normally busy, might have to have a go at night, makes a nice tech climb too.