Sunday, 22 August 2010

Brownbacks Race, Riding Bikes and being pissed off.

Marshalled, had a laff, won nowt, rode with the lads had fun. Might race in the next one.

Work is driving me up the wall and not having a spare 1 minute to fart is pissing me off.


D0NK said...

Race? RACE? you feeling alright?

lowey said...

Fuck me your quick off the mark.

Well not really, race, but fancy a go to see how I would do I reckon. However I'm told I wouldnt be allowed to be in the Have a Go Heros and would have to be in Weekend Warrior which kind of fills me with dread.

Jason said...

I'm gonna race too!

Whats going on with your blogs Dave? Poor effort on the last 2.

lowey said...

12-14 hour days mate. I'm fit for nothing at the moment.