Friday, 30 July 2010

A Shopping Trip for Johnnie

When John picked me up on Sunday, I mentioned that Janet was looking to sell on Al's old bike. We had a idea what it was worth so I put it up on Singletrack, however Johnnie expressed an interest. So last night he came over for a blast out on it to try it out.

My own bike was laid up after knackering the brake lever when I had my crash on Sunday, so Pikey kindly lent me his. Took John down the steps into the valley then back up and along the Riverside Singletrack. Over the valley bridge and up to the Jumbles (which are still empty despite the rain). From here I suggested we climbed up through Edgeworth and back along the Witton Weavers to the Last Drop.

Nice spin up the road discussing the merits of road biking which ended in us agreeing that everyone who rides a road bike is boring and soul-less (well, I did anyway). We blasted down the WW which gave Johnnie a good chance to see how the suspension on the 5 performed. From the bottom, we went through the golf course and then the Tip and Higher Ridings. He was suitably impressed and decided to take the bike. Lucky b'stard got himself a right old bargain. I secretly harboured desires on it myself, but sadly being skint isnt conducive with flash bike purchases.

Nice run out and nearly got a kicking from Pikey for getting his bike dirty. I'll have to pop round and clean it at some point.

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Jason said...

Get divorced and live on a sinking barge, you'll be able to fund it then!