Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dewey Bead!

Thursday night rolls around and I was well ready for a ride. Not ridden the bike in over 2 weeks when I got drenched at Cragg Quarry. Met Toss and Wors at futures for a planned evening of fun in Lee Quarry. Toss was looking forward to it as well as a chance to just session some stuff in order to help him get some confidence back.

It was a lovely evening, but a couple of clouds looked as though they might wet us but it never materialised. !st time over the drop and we all nailed it, Toss claiming he hadn;t opened his eyes. A blast over to the skills area and we had a go at the drop off course. Me and Jase waited at the bottom with camera;s ready but toss fluffed his first run and nearly had a big moment on the last spanial drop. This totally knakered his confidence, and he would not have another go. Purely a head fuck thing as he was flying over the smaller drops. We still got some good pics though.

Toss was having non of our protests though, so we decided to head up to the trail head and have a blast on the short courses. We took the middle red first which I think is my favorite, some cracking banked turns on it which is pretty easy to get up to the top of. Jase was flying down them and I got a couple of pics of the lads coming down.
Loved this one that Toss got of me...
After a few runs, we headed along the rest of the red to the Gate. Then we went up to have a play on the Pump Track. There were a load of kids on bmx's on it, making it look easy which kind of put us off a little. After watching them for a while, I decided to show the little get's just how to do it properly and set of round the track, only to hear gales of laughter for the little sods! All in good humour actually, Jase had a go but Toss point blank refused, the great big puff.

I then took the guys over some unofficial stuff and a steep drop, which everyone got down with smiles. Flew around the red again to the drop off section, where we persuaded Toss to have another go. This time he nailed it!! twice. He was made up for having faced it down and doing it. I suggested having a go at the Black. The qualifier put Toss off completely, but he had a real good go at the stuff on the quarry floor, nailing a really techy drop at the end of the Black, me and Jase egging him on. It was starting to get dark so we rejoined the red and headed back to the cars. I was following Jase and we decided to really push it, over the jumps and into the woody bit, I was screaming at him to keep pushing faster and faster, dont think we have ever gone round the last red run so fast, it was just furious pedalling and cornering at the edge of grip. It was fookin ACE! got to the gate totally buzzing.

A fantastic 3 hours in the quarry, watching toss get his confidence back was ace but the riding was just sublime. Fookin great fun!


Jason said...

good write up there Dave, that last bit through the trees was fucking mental!

Toss said...

Awesome - thanks a lot for this Dave - Helps the old grey matter to remember, reflect and enjoy!

Nice one.