Monday, 5 April 2010

Winter Spoilt me

Our winter was cold. Very cold. And, with the expception of snow, we didnt have much rain. So, I had forgot what proper, hub deep bog, mud and shit was like. Well I got an almighty reminder today.

My ride email was roundly ignored by Jase and Weest and as Toss was away, I decided to pop out myself. I headed up Witton Weavers and through Entwistle. Up past Cadshaw I went up the Bastard for a first time in a long time. Its still a Bastard. It was at the top of it that I realised that I had lost my water bottle. Bugger. Up onto the moor and the start of the mud plugging. Endless hub deep slipping and sliding all the way to the tower.

There was a vicious headwind that had been in my face all the way up to this point and here it was hitting the hill from the north with a vengance. I was pretty tired by this point so decided to head back down Stepbank and to the cafe. Loads of walkers in the way so couldnt really have much fun on the jumps down. Got the cafe and realised I had forgot my money. Double bugger.

Back home along the Witton Weavers, it was very muddy and very wet. My rear mudgard now refuses to stay in the right position so ended up with a wet arse also.

All in all about 22 miles through deep mud and what felt like a headwind ALL the way around.

I am now finding myself fantasising about dust. Dry dusty trails... we are sure due them soon... please ?


Jason said...

No email to me, plus i was away for the weekend.

trio said...

Same here! What is this rain???

lowey said...

Rubbish aint it.

Anywhere nice Jase ?

Jason said...

Went to Lincoln mate, Tracys sister lives there.

D0NK said...

Bastard? I went down that way during the freeze, the moors from the tower were pretty bad back then, must be ruddy awful now.

Dusty trails.....I WISH!

lowey said...
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lowey said...

[url=,418784&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=785&ax=369982&ay=418784&lm=0]This is the Bastard matey[/url]

lowey said...

fuck it. I dont know how to do tags etc etc.

D0NK said...

[url] is forum code, doesn't work in the outside world :-) you want
{a href="MAP-LINK-ADDRESS"}bastard{/a} but replace { and } with less than and greater than symbols.

From bastard do you carry on to my link or keep going to whitehall farm?

lowey said...

Follow your link mate. The Whitehill Farm is always a bog, even worse than the moor top.

TBH I dont like it as an ascent. They ruined it when they put in the double track for the gas pipe installation. Before it was an old mine access track with loads of charicter. I hate climbing the bastard and then dropping straight back down to climb back up. Its a bit boring as a descent as well. Love the top of the moor though. Very peaceful.