Friday, 19 March 2010

Dreams of summer and riding

Two weeks and counting since I rode. Longest stretch of not riding I can remember. So in my enforced absence from the bike, I have been wistfully dreaming about sunny days and long sunny nights and where I'm going to ride this year. I CBA with targets and milegae and such as I dont really ride for that. I just ride to enjoy myself and fitness is just a bonus. However, I have decided to set myself some goals of where I want to ride this year.

1. Skiddaw Cheek.

Had my eye on this one for a while now as I have heard only good things about Ullock Pike Descent. Highly Cheeky and will probably do it as a midweek slacker ride.

2. Newlands Singletrack

Again, very cheeky. Thinking of leaving this till a Sunday afternoon set off. About 3pm when the walkers are coming off the fells. Maybe even catch the sunset whilst coming off Whitless Pike and finish on lights.

3. Torridon

Stuartie C sent me this route and it was on the list to do on our Scottish road trip, which has now gone tits up. Not sure how I'm going to manage this logistically. Thinking of Driving up Saturday afternoon, wild camp near Torridon, do the ride Sunday, with a very early start and then head home.

4. A Tuesday Night Ride with the KMB lot.

These guys ride from the Peddlar every Tuesday and their rides are pretty extreme. I've met a good few of them now and have promised to make it up there. One for the height of summer I reckon. Finish work about 3pm, head up to Keswick, ride then come home.

5. Dalby

World Cup XC is being held here this year and team Darlo are on the door step. So going to try and hook up with them for a ride around here. The Helmet cam stuff I;ve seen looks ace.

6. Stainburn

Quote local really, only the far side of Leeds, but somewhere I've never really considered going to. I will remedy that this year.

7. Sty Head Bivvy

Was thinking about this in June when the Girls are away. Check forecast. Park at Buttermere. Scarth Gap, Black Sail, Wasdale Head, Sty Head via Gable flank. Then break out the Scotch, cooker and beans and tuck down on the grass for the night. Next day, Angle Tarn, Rossett Ghyl, Stake Pass, Langstrath, Seatoller, Honistor, Drum House, Dubbs Quarry and the insane Bridleway from Dubbs to Warnscale Bottoms, then back along the lake to Buttermere. Weather permitting, this is going to be the 12th / 13th June.

Along the way we are also having our lads weekend away in Coniston 4-6th June. Sooooo looking forward to that.

So thats it. My riding goals for this year. Hopefully, I'll be able to look back in December and tick them all off. Man I HATE not riding. Hopefully Lee Quarry on Sunday will blow the cobwebs off. I'm just praying my knee will be ok.


Clare said...

Lowey you are always welcome on a Tuesday - look forward to seeing you once you are fixed. I'm sure we can find a bed for the night too so you can sample some local real ale :-D

lowey said...

mmmmmm Real Ale!!

Good luck in the Enduro Clare.

D0NK said...

Look like some good rides there. You could always do 4 camp out then do 1 the day after, same area. 7 sounds mental