Friday, 5 February 2010

Mrs Dowsons

Thursday night rolls around. I was late as I had to go to Kelsey's school for a meeting about her up comming trip to France. Turns out she has 2 hot teachers, both of whom are going. Me and another Dad suggested the they might want some volunteers to accompany them. Sadly not.

So at 7.30 prompt, we head into the Valley. The recent thaw made everything increadably slippy and muddy. Scoot up to Lucas Neils the up the WW to Green Arms. Toss was moaning about the pace as he hasnt been out for a while. As is was going to be a short ride, Me and Wors got a wiggle on so it was pretty quick.

Through the back woods to Turton Tower. Mrs. Dowson's ice cream business is clearly going downhill and she had felt the need to branch our into other, perhaps more lucrative markets.


To this......
You never know, it might catch on.
Back to Tossers to light the fire, we pulled up a chair for our missing mate Alan, and toasted the poor guy. Didnt leave till 12.40am. Rough as a bears arse this morning.

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Toss said...

Nice one Dave keep up the good work. Are you not mentioning your hugs (bloody great them BTW) Brandy, Chip Curry Barms & Can you not add that pic of us lot round the fire - with Als empty chair?
Twas a fine evening and I too was fokin rough... Just a suggestion