Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Nights to remember

Wednesday this time for obvious reasons. Just me an Toss out. After Sundays epic and all the snow put down on Tuesday we thought it would be a good idea just to do a small run, so we headed up towards Entwistle. On the Back field, the snow was just powder because it was so cold. Was almost impossible peddling in it. We found a little bit of grip on compacted snow but anywhere else was just a lottery. Up to Lucas Neils house and the views were spectacular. A stunning orange glow form the street lights reflecting back on the clouds. We then headed up to Green Arms. The track up was fine on the compacted snow, but the stuff at the side was well treacherous, grabbing your front wheel and threatening to throw you off. at the top of the track we had a minute to survey the view... superb.

We decided that the tracks with powder were just a nightmare, so we sped down the road Through Chapeltown. The church looked great all lit up and surrounded by the white stuff.

We chanced the jumbles which was fine really. Back along the Valley to Tossers for fire and beer. The lad did us proud by getting Raych to pick us up some chip and curry. Roaring fire and plenty of ale, we put the world to rights as the snow hammered down again.
Brilliant night out, it was so quiet and still we could have been the only people alive in a white world. Superb.

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